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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Call to Surrender

In my last article two weeks ago, I alluded to feeling overwhelmed and needing to back off from forcing a plan to happen. The full story is that I was guided to surrender when I spent sometime meditating on Labor Day earlier this month. To truly surrender is to allow the Divine, whom I feel as my Beloved, to take the lead as I continue to follow my calling to serve in ways that stretch my comfort, that I don't have to labor alone to make things happen.

The Labor Day meditation was a very profound experience that left me in a tender place for the last few weeks. I shared this experience, along with a bit of the background leading up to it, at Conscious Living Center on September 18. It was the most vulnerable I've allowed myself to be in a public setting. I'd like to offer the recording from that talk (about 12 minutes long) as a special installment of "Moments of Grace":

I've learned that faith isn't a threshold we cross over once after which everything is easy. Instead, it's a series of conscious choices to keep saying "yes" to what we came into this life to fulfill, even if we can't see the entire picture but only one step at a time. We can't force a plan to happen, which only creates unnecessary hard work and frustration. Instead, trust that the universe has our back, listen for guidance, and do what's ours to do one step at a time. In short, surrender to being led by universal wisdom and love.


  1. Dearest Alice,

    Your talk on September 18 was a great gift to those present. Your willingness to be vulnerable allowed your light to shine, and it was incredibly beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much, Jane, for being a role model and for creating such a safe space for us all to deepen our connection with our Divinity! Much Love, Alice


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