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Monday, April 4, 2011

An Inspired Dance of Creativity

I’m now at the conclusion of the most creative project in my life to date – finishing my book, titled REACH Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life. Having written for academic peers and business clients for almost two decades combined, writing this book has been such a different – and more enjoyable – experience. Instead of strictly writing from my intellect, I have allowed what needs to be conveyed to flow from the divinity within me. As a result, this experience has been the most exquisite dance between my masculine and feminine energies. Allow me to explain, as I also happen to be a ballroom dancer.
In partner dancing, the man serves as the frame, and the picture is the woman. The story of the dance is articulated through a series of patterned steps and positions, called “figures.” In each figure, the man’s movement sets up the frame for the woman’s movement to tell the story. The man is the leader in the dance who initiates each transition from one figure to the next, until the story is told in full. The woman’s part is to accept the sequence of invitations and dance to the different figures being initiated. Without the frame, there is no structure to the story. Without the picture, a frame is just that – an empty frame. Both parts are necessary to express the character of the dance, and they need to honor each other’s half in the partnership. What’s more, the two parties need be in tune with each other in order for the dance to be expressed in unison, instead of two out-of-sync moving parts.
For my book, my intellectual mind, powered by the masculine energy within me, serves as the frame. It is the synthesizer and organizer of concepts, as well as the planner and project manager for carrying the book through to completion. My feminine heart – the nurturer and compassionate friend who wants nothing more than to express and share love – is the storyteller. It comes up with the tone for articulating the message and the supporting experiences from my own life. The end product contains the soul of a work of love, a creative partnership between my intellect and my heart, the divine masculine and feminine within me.
Writing this book has been a truly exquisite experience, and I look forward to more inspired dances of creativity!

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