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Friday, July 15, 2011

Celebrating Grace

Today, a dear friend of mine is getting married. She’s so dear, in fact, that we call each other “BB” (Bestest Buddies). Since more than ten years ago when we first met, we’ve grown and changed as individuals, and our lives have taken us through different twists and turns. What bonded us to each other a decade ago are no longer the reasons why we remain BBs. Instead, we’ve allowed each other the room to grow into the women we want to be individually, trusting that our friendship would adapt and morph into a redefined state of closeness. And it has. This evening, I’ll proudly and likely tearfully celebrate the blessed union of my BB and her beloved soulmate as her Maid of Honor.

Clearly, a significant event like this is a major cause for celebration, along with birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions and similarly special events. Aside from these obviously significant milestones and markers, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate life every day. Yet, few of us do. It’s so easy for us to inadvertently take the good we have in our lives for granted, especially the things that have nothing to do with our actions or effort – for instance, the perfect blue sky overhead, a deliciously fragrant cup of tea, the unexpected kindness of a stranger. 

The goodness in our lives, whether people or things, is what Dr. Robert Emmons refers to as “Grace” in his book, Thanks! He says that very few of us perceive grace, because we’re forgetful, take things for granted, and tend to pay attention only to the direct results of our actions. Because the presence of grace in our lives often either has nothing to do with our actions or exceeds the merits of our effort, grace are effectively free gifts bestowed upon us on a regular basis. Our job is to be aware of these gifts of grace – and celebrate them.

To live a passionate and joyful life, we all have lots to gain by cultivating a grace consciousness – to notice, appreciate and be grateful for the good in our lives as often as possible. Take stock of the people who grace your life in large and small ways, for just a few moments and for a lifetime. Take even just 5 minutes every day to simply notice the good around you. Nothing is too insignificant or small to acknowledge, appreciate and for which to feel genuine gratitude. By practicing this awareness of “free gifts” in our lives, we train our subconscious mind to look for all things to celebrate, big and small, objectively profound or pedestrian. This practice opens up an energetic portal within us for more grace to pour in.

Oprah says, “The more we praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Let’s all go into the weekend with the raised consciousness to celebrate any and all signs of grace in our lives.

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